Boys Freshman Basketball Achieves Perfect Season


Jonathan Osteguin '21, Staff Writer

The Wakefield Boys Freshman team had a winning season, ending 17-0. Any solid season has a lot to do with players coming together and trusting their coach to lead them. Coach Kenny James has an outstanding legacy with Wakefield as a player and a coach. He led these boys, the future of Wakefield Basketball, to a perfect season. 

Coach Kenny said, “I feel like I have been such a good coach because of my past with Wakefield, being starting point guard you need to understand all positions on the court, so having my experience, I learned a lot and built off of that.” 

Coach Kenny was starting point guard for the Varsity Wakefield Basketball team in 2005, and led Wakefield to an undefeated season 28-0, the furthest Wakefield has ever made. Wakefield lost in the semi-finals of the state tournament, but was happy with their outcome and success. Coach James was later asked by Coach Bentley if he wanted to be an assistant coach. He saw great talent in Kenny and his good understanding of the game, and to this day it pays off.

The Boys Freshman team is amazing with an undefeated season 17-0. That score doesn’t tell the whole story. They beat almost every team by 10-15 points. These boys had lockdown defense, wonderful offense, and good consistency. Marcellus Jackson said, “one of the reasons we did so good was because of our defense; defense wins games and championships.”

Varsity player, and senior, Lukas Hatcher said, “I was on the Freshman Basketball team with KJ. He brought a lot of energy to practice and would play on the court with us to make us better. Even though it was freshman the games were still important.” Coach Kenny is an assistant Varsity coach, so you can see him at the playoff games as well.

Congrats to our Coaches! They won 5C Regional Coaches of the Year Listed from left to right, Dwayne Rumber – Kenny James – Tony Bentley – Tre’ Ford – Horace Willis.

The Boys Freshman team has an amazing future ahead of them, being undefeated their first season of high school competition is phenomenal. The team overall is highly talented and know the game of basketball. Coach Kenny said, “each and every one of those boys have an amazing future, I see potential regional and state champions, and this is only their first year.”