Friday the 13th Is upon Us

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Friday the 13th is considered a very unlucky day. It occurs when the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday, which happens at least once every year. This Friday the 13th, there are a couple of spooky movies coming to theaters. Here are some fun activities to do on this bone chilling day.


The film Truth or Dare is coming out this Friday, and people are raving about it. A group of friends take a trip to Mexico before their graduation for a fun getaway. When they get there, a stranger plays what seems to be an innocent game of truth or dare with them. But once the game starts, something evil rises. The friends are forced do the dare or answer the truth no matter how horrifying. If they don’t? The punishment is atrocious.

Another film that has gotten a lot of attention is A Quiet Place. This movie takes place in the year 2020 where almost all of Earth’s population has been wiped out by creatures with absurd hearing abilities. The family in the movie have to communicate through sign language because if they make even the slightest noise, they become the creature’s next prey.

If you really want to get in the Friday the 13th feel, you can watch the classic Friday the 13th movie filmed back in 1980. If you want some special effects, in 2009, Friday the 13th was filmed again and made much scarier than the original. Sadly, this classic is harder to find, but you can watch it on HBO Go, Amazon Video or Youtube.

Here’s a playlist on Spotify with tunes from the time of the original movie. Listening to this playlist will make you feel like you’re in the movie with the cast.

If you want to go all out this Friday the 13th, you can host a party with some friends. Do things like go ghost hunting, watch scary movies, or play a game of truth or dare with a spooky twist. But whatever you do, don’t break any mirrors or step on any cracks!