Myth Busted: Breakfast May Not Be That Important After All

For decades, it’s been ingrained in our minds that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that it should never be skipped, even that it helps us with losing weight. This long-standing myth has now come to an end thanks to the discovery of a new study conducted by the British Medical Journal.

Researches in Australia conducted an experiment to see if the well established “fact” that breakfast is essential to function properly throughout the day held true. It turned out that people who ate breakfast in the morning consumed more calories throughout the day and gained more weight, compared to others who skipped the meal.

Experts from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, took a look at 13 randomized and controlled trials that pertained to breakfast and weight. Their studies showed that, on average, individuals who did not consume breakfast were a pound lighter than those who did.

Not only that, but their research also showed that individuals who didn’t eat breakfast consumed an average of 260 fewer calories every day. The study debunked the suggestion that not eating breakfast would cause people to compensate by eating much more than needed later in the day. Another study found that there was no substantial difference in the metabolic rates of breakfast eaters and breakfast skippers, leading to the conclusion that breakfast has no significant impact on losing weight.

So as it turns out, breakfast may not be as important as you’ve been lead on to believe. That being said, it’s still beneficial to have something before you start off your day to make sure you’re energized but in the end, it’s really all up to your personal preference.