Crisis in Sudan is Ongoing


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Amid ongoing battles, black smoke rises above the international airport in Khartoum, Sudan, on April 20. AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

Sudan is in a crisis. After civil wars and economic issues, it seems as if Sudan can’t recover. This time, the crisis is a mixture of both war and money.

Sudan is Africa’s third largest country with a total population of 45 million people. About a third of that population needs humanitarian aid, shelter and food for children. According to World Vision, 11 million people need water and sanitation. 10 million are in need of medical care that they can’t access. 7 million children need education. 6.2 million face food insecurity. 3.7 million people are international refugees. The issue is that because of the numbers of people and the length of time, the country is devolving into violence and danger. 

According to the United Nations, in early April, it was proposed that the Sudanese government should transition to a democratic government. Violence englufed the country, leading to many people being stuck in their homes without electricity, limited food, water and medicine. Long term famine is a threat at a huge scale, so this made everything worse. Many people can’t hide in their homes as there is a housing crisis as well.

Aside from the threat of constant fighting, sexual violence has increased as well. Armed combatants are occupying schools, abandoned homes, and attacking water and electrical facilities. This is one of the worst crises ever seen. Many people are attempting to flee the country and are seeking refuge wherever they can. Hundreds of thousands have gone to Sudan’s neighboring country Chad to find a safe place to live.

It has escalated to a point that the Pope is calling for the Sudanese rivals to lay down their arms. Humanitarian groups across the country have been starting kickstarters and appealing for funds, but it is unfortunately not an easy task and not enough. The full amount required to help as many Sudanese citizens as possible is $2.6 billion in U.S. currency. If you would like to donate, many places such as Save the Children, World Vision, and Humane Society take donations to help. 

The conflict is escalating at an alarmingly quick pace, and it is a major concern for the humanitarian society and all Sudanese citizens. Chad, Egypt, and Central Africa are facing mass migration, which could become problematic if it continues at the current rate.