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UConn, the reigning champs for four consecutive years now, celebrating one of their many victories.

Women’s College Basketball Needs More Hype During March Madness

Why are you sleeping on the women's teams?

Now that March Madness is underway, think about how much hype Men’s Basketball gets compared to Women’s Basketball.

Unfortunately, March Madness is without a doubt associated with only Men’s Basketball. Do you know that the women don’t even share the same name of March Madness? Their “March Madness” is referred to as the Women’s Basketball Championship.

With that said, let’s get into the real March Madness, because these ladies are showing out!

Sweet Sixteen: Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25!

Out of 64 teams, 16 have continued to keep winning and leave it all on the court. These teams have made it to the Sweet Sixteen, which is a series of games (taking place tonight and tomorrow!) 4 games will be played on Friday and the other 4 will be played on Saturday. Let’s preview these upcoming games!

Ohio State vs. Notre Dame: TONIGHT at 7pm ET

#5 Ohio State (28-6) takes on #1 Notre Dame (32-3) at the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. For the eighth season in a row, Notre Dame is in the Sweet Sixteen after an overtime win against Purdue 88-82 for their 16th consecutive victory. However, junior guard Kelsey Mitchell averages 22.7 points per game, currently leads the Buckeyes scoring, and will be a force to reckon with tonight.

Washington State vs. Mississippi State: TONIGHT at 7pm ET

#3 Washington State (29-5) takes on #2 Mississippi St. (31-4) at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. For Washington; it’s all about senior guard Kelsey Plum, the nation’s leading scorer who averages 31.8 points per game.

Louisville vs. Baylor : TONIGHT at 9:30pm ET

#4 Louisville (29-7) takes on #1 Baylor (32-3) in this exciting match-up. Baylor happens to be the second-highest scoring team in the country, averaging 89.4 points per game. Lousiville may be tough to beat though considering their dynamic duo: Asia Durr and Mariya Moore who get buckets every game.

Texas vs. Stanford: TONIGHT at 9:30pm ET

Redemption is in the air tonight when #3 Texas (25-8) takes on #2 Stanford (30-5) after Stanford got the best of Texas in November with a 71-59 win at home. It won’t be another easy win for Stanford though because Texas is currently fifth in the country.

Oregon vs. Maryland: TOMORROW at 11:30am ET

#10 Oregon (22-13) takes on #3 Maryland (32-2) and this is one game you won’t want to miss! Maryland started of the First Round with a huge 101-61 victory over Bucknell. Ever since, Maryland hasn’t lost their groove. Oregon though.. Oregon could pull through and win. What a game this will be.

UCLA vs. Connecticut: TOMORROW at 2:00pm ET

#4 UCLA (25-8) will be playing the reigning champs,#1 UConn (34-0) which should be interesting. UConn is out here taking care of their business! I mean four years back to back? But if anyone could pull an upset over them, leave it to UCLA.

Quinnipiac vs. South Carolina: TOMORROW at 4:00pm ET

#12 Quinnipiac (29-6) is taking on #1 South Carolina (29-4) which should be a close game. South Carolina claims that they won’t “sleep” on Quinnipiac and I think that’s smart of them because Quinnipiac might step onto that court ready to ball out.

Florida State vs. Oregon State: TOMORROW at 6:30pm ET

#3 Florida State (27-6) will be playing #2 Oregon State (31-4) in the final game of the Sweet Sixteen. Hopefully this game will end this round off on a great note.

Post- Sweet Sixteen: What’s next for Women’s NCAA Basketball? 

Following these 8 games, the Elite Eight (which will be the 8 teams that win tonight and tomorrow) will play on Sunday, March 26 and Monday, March 27. After the Elite Eight games comes the Final Four, which will take place on Friday, March 31 in Dallas. There, the final 4 teams will battle for a spot in the National Championship Game which will also be held in Dallas on Sunday, April 2.

Good luck to all of these teams as they fight for one goal, that they all share, which is to bring that championship title home.

Now will you continue to sleep on the women’s teams? Or will you witness the real March Madness and all of it’s greatness? #DontSleep #MarchMadness

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