Wakefield Art Hangs in Delegate Alfonso Lopez’s Office

June 7, 2017

sDelegate Alfonso Lopez has chosen a handful of students’ photographs from Wakefield to hang in his very own office in Richmond. Delegate Lopez came to visit Wakefield on Monday to award certificates to Ms. Davidson’s Advanced Photo students whose pictures he had selected. This is such an honor and our students are completely amazed.

When discussing having the photographs in his office, Delegate Lopez said, “I have a piece of home there with me when we are in session.” He said when people walk by his office, they stop dead in their tracks, it is because “your [photographs] are really, really, really, exceptional”.

This marks the third year that Wakefield has had a partnership with Delegate Lopez to provide his office with beautiful photographs. The students who received this award are: Abby Manzano, Ana Sofia Uro-De Leon, Catherine Chen, Ciara Bryant, Cintia Clarke, Jasmine Mohamed, Jhenifer Lazarte-Jimenez, Juan Escalera, Karolina Lajch, Katherine Buchholz, Lucy Boggs, Madelyn Wood, Marika Mortimer-Lotke, Rafael Lopez, Sam Fontaine, and Truman Deree.

When we talked to some of the recipients, junior Ana Sofia Uro-De Leon said, “It’s cool that a bunch of people that I’ve never met have seen my art. It’s a picture of my pet cat which is crazy!”

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Ana Sofia shaking hands with Delegate Alfonso Lopez

Junior Juan Escalera said “When I was given the opportunity to have my art in the Delegate’s office I was honored.” Junior Madelyn Wood said, “you feel a certain amount of pride because you are representing yourself as an artist but also showcasing what Wakefield has to offer, being able to contribute to that is really special.”

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We are very proud of our Warriors, and if you see and of the recipients in the hall make sure you congratulate them!

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