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The Last Chance to Shine as a SotM

It’s finally here, the very last Students of the Month for the school year. Just in case you didn’t know, the Student of the Month is a staff chosen award. It is for students who stand out; whether it’s academic or being kind to their peers.

The Chieftain interviewed Ms. Naylor, who who runs SotM. She started off by saying, “the importance of [SotM] is to celebrate the hard work and the achievements of the students.” When talking about how she chooses her students, Ms.Naylor said, “I like to make sure I mix up what I’m looking for when it comes to [SotM], sometimes it’s the high achievers, and sometimes it students whose grades may not be great but have worked really hard, and also a lot of times I look for students who have been helpful in the classroom or respectful towards their peers.”

It’s something so much bigger than it seems. Student of the Month may not seem like such a huge deal, but even if you get it once, even if it is in your sophomore year, it can still be great to put on college applications. Colleges will see that and notice your hard work, your parents will be proud, and you’ll be proud of yourself! It means a lot; teachers have over 100 students, so for them to just choose you, is huge; keep that in mind for next year.

For the last time this year, we talked to the students about what it felt like to be a Student of the Month. Freshman Julia Sonn said, “I think I became [SotM] because I am focused and work hard in the class.” Sophomore Ariana Sousa said, “being kind to everyone.” Lastly, freshman Grace Bryant said “I became [SotM] because I consistently put my best effort into my work.”

Student of the month may not seem like the most important thing, but when you are chosen, it is a very rewarding feeling. “Someone has recognized your hard work” said sophomore Gabby Spranger. Sophomore Sana Alkhouli said, “It’s an honor; I am proud of myself.” Last but not least, sophomore Alrabab Saeed said, “it’s exciting and it encourages me to do more.”

Ms. Naylor made aplea for next year’s staff; “To be honest, not all the teachers participate and I would love to see every teacher…recognize a student, because it might mean a whole lot to that individual student.” It does, Ms. Naylor. It really does!

This is a great program and I wish all the best to the students next year. It’s been a good year for us! #warriornation!

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