Wakefield’s Hurricane Harvey (and now Irma) Relief Update


This round of donations heads out today to Texas.

Kimberly Rendon '20, Opinions Editor

Hurricane Harvey devastated and ruined many school, homes, and families. The Wakefield community came together to donate school supplies and make cards that the schools will be hanging up to let people know that there are people supporting them.

Ms. Gallardo, the Community in the School Liaison coordinator said,  if you are still interested in donating, “you are still able to for the second round going to Florida. [Donations are] being collected at Barcroft. You can bring them to my office in A-130.” Books, pens, paper, folders, colored pencils, and markers are needed. Of the Hurricane Harvey donations already received, Gallardo said “We are sending the supplies to Red Bluff Elementary in Pasadena and Collins Elementary School in Houston. We are sending them out today.”

Ms. Gallardo said the tragedy affected her personally. “It hurt me because I’m from there, and I moved here last year.  I felt bad because I wasn’t there. It made my heart feel good that Wakefield came together to donate.