Will North Korea Cause WWIII? What Can We Do?

September 25, 2017

The “Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea” possesses several ICBM’s (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) that are capable of fitting nuclear warheads. These ICBM’s do have the operational range to hit U.S. soil, that means WWIII, right?


The US has a couple of options for dealing with this rogue nation.

A) Keep doing what we are doing, imposing rather useless sanctions against them until they fire the missile.

B) Do nothing and keep NMD (National Missile Defense) systems on high alert.

C) Go in guns blazing and launch a “traditional war” with boots on the ground.

D) Launch a preemptive nuclear strike and obliterate North Korea entirely.

Option B and C both seem like good options (because North Korea’s ICBM’s won’t be able to hit U.S. soil because of the superiority of the USNMD), we have dealt with North Korea diplomatically for nearly 25 years, they haven’t treated us with the same respect, threatening nuclear war.

We have to send a message to not only North Korea, but nations who are trying to slowly push our buttons. Option D can send a message. Option C won’t work because in North Korea, their propaganda is too strong.

Seems depressing right?

Don’t worry, a couple of times in this article I have hinted why this won’t escalate to “WWIII.” The reasons why I am so confident in this is because “WWIII” means A) the whole world will be at war, which is wrong, the only way that will happen is if the Russians or Chinese decided to defend North Korea. They won’t go up against the US Military. B) when you say “It’ll become WWIII” you are implying that North Korea is good enough to overpower the US. If you believe this, let me lay down a couple facts for you.

The US Senate approved a new $700,000,000,000 military budget, the North Korean Budget is only $7,500,000,000 dollars. The US has almost 14,000 military aircraft, North Korea only has 944. The US has an available workforce of 158,000,000 to North Korea’s 14,000,000. The US has more tanks and equipment and more active duty personnel.

The only thing in which North Korea “beats” the US in is naval assets; The US has 415 naval assets compared to North Korea’s 967. But technologically the US is far more superior, and can recall retired ships, use allied ships or give the US a month and they can create far, far more naval assets than North Korea.

There is nothing to worry about, this won’t even be considered as a war. But if the North Koreans push too much, America will answer.

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