Back to School Means Back to Student of the Month

October 24, 2017

It is officially that time of year again, time for Student of the Month recognition to start. For anyone who doesn’t know, Student of the Month is a staff chosen award for a few students at Wakefield to be given the title of Student of the Month. You can be chosen for your academic achievements, or your participation in classes, or just your behavior in class.

Every month the students who received SotM are asked about the award.”What does being Student of the Month mean to you?” Freshman Julie Thoman said, “Being [SotM] means my hard work has paid off and encourages me to continue striving for my best.” Also sophomore Mamnuya Rinki said, “pushing limits” and lastly sophomore Zaria Gassaway said, “Being [SotM] means being a leader and a independent person.”

“Why do you think SotM is important?” Junior Kevin Lizama said, “Because it shows the effort you put into a subject or class.” Junior Jose Choque said, ” It shows all the effort that you put in the class.” Last freshman Maria Hernandez said, “It’s important because [it] reflects your discipline and responsibility, and I am so proud to be one.”

“What advice would you give to students trying to become [Sotm]?” Junior Sawsan Utaifa said, “Do what you are told.” Freshman Kareena Stowerg said, ” I think you just have to stay on top of your work.” Lastly sophomore Xitlalli Dawson said, “Don’t procrastinate, and always participate.”

This is only the first batch of many new Students of the Month this year. Congrats to all who were awarded and good luck to all those striving to be a Student of the Month! Don’t stress it, there is still plenty of time to become one.

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