Hawaii: The Fall Out is even Worse


Kimberly Rendon '20, Opinions Editor

Hawaii has always been known for its ethereal beauty. The islands, the volcanos, the Hawaiian culture. Four months ago there was the ballistic missile scare which turned out to be an employee pressing the wrong button, but other than that it was a peaceful oasis. This month, Hawaii is no longer safe.

When the Kilauea volcano erupted on May 3rd, many were forced from their homes on Hawaii’s big island. According to CNN, in the two weeks since the eruption, things have only gotten worse. The lava is not the only thing that the residents have to worry about. On May 15th, gas has begun to seep out of cracks in the ground created by the volcano: this is life-threatening. The lush jungle is now yellow and rotting. The roads are a river of black molten rock. Residents are wearing masks to deal wit the gas and smoke from the fall out. This paradise is in jeopardy.

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