Catch These Stars at Wakefield’s Peter and the Starcatcher



Everybody loves the age-old story of Peter Pan. Our Theatre Department shares his origin story with Wakefield in the play, Peter and the Starcatcher. It opens with a nameless orphan boy, a pirate without a hook, and a girl named Molly. Senior Gidget Shirlet, Black Stache’s right hand man Mr. Sneed, stole the show with her delivery of lines and said, ” To me theatre means so much and it’s great to see other people who feel the same.”

Photo by Mr. Blair

Preparing for the play started in September and involved long days, sweat, dedication, a little bit of magic in the form of the special relationship that all of the cast members shared. Sophomore Melena Meek, one of the flying prawns, said, “A huge draw to theater is just being able to connect with people. I also really just enjoy the feeling of performing; it’s a certain type of adrenaline rush.  That energy is felt through out the play.

Back Stache (Oliver Gaither) addresses Captain Robert Falcon Scott (Charlotte Reing) abord his ship. Photo by Mr. Blair

On stage, the actors communicated flawlessly; behind the curtains, cues were sorted out and set up to create all the special effects that helped to transport the audience to Neverland. We find out how Peter got his name, how he became the leader of the Lost Boys, and even see the first minutes of his life long battle with Captain Hook. Drama!

The play is funny. It is filled with heart. There is even a battle on a pirate ship.

Photo by Mr. Blair

At the beginning of Act 2, we are serenaded by neon mermaids who float through the audience and turn us back into our youngest selves, giggling at the lights and the joy the actors portray on stage.

Mermaids and Jellyfish! Oh my!

Go see the play on Friday, Decemeber 7th and Saturday, December 8th at 7pm in the Wakefield Auditorium. It is $10 for students and $15 for adults.