No matter what, remember Prom is about memories, not who wore the dress best.
No matter what, remember Prom is about memories, not who wore the dress best.

How to Find The Prom Dress for You

May 18, 2016

The time has come for everyone to start planning for prom. One big part of this is finding the best dress for you. This can be either the hardest part or the easiest part depending on your eye for fashion. The style and color are the most important details in finding the perfect dress.

First, you need to worry about what length of a dress you want. Most go for more of an elegant look, with a longer type of dress. Another option is a nice, flashy, short dress… around the knee, let’s keep it appropriate here, ladies. Here is a style guide to help with body types and flattering dress shapes. Your style of dress depends on how comfortable you are in certain things.

The second thing you need to consider when picking out the perfect prom dress is color. When picking out the color, you want one that accents your eyes and skin tone. Don’t forget to stay with your natural color palette. I tend to lean towards really bright colors, or nudes, so that is what I would look for in a prom dress. I don’t like sparkling fabric, but I might break that rule for this one special night.

Now that you’ve gotten the color and style, you have to figure out where you’re going to shop for your dress. There are many online places you could look, or if you’d like to go try on the dress, there are many store options. A few websites that’s are very useful , or even Some stores that have prom dress options are Macy’s, Elim Boutique, Nordstrom The Fashion Centre, and Current Boutique – Modern Consignment.

Getting prepared for prom can be very time consuming, so remember ladies, it’s better to plan ahead. This wonderful night can be very pricey if you let it. Try to focus on the music, fun, and laughter with friends who you probably won’t see for a brick.

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