Artists Honored for Hard Work

On Friday, June 10th, some of Ms. Davidson’s photography students were awarded with certificates from Delegate Alfonso Lopez on their excellent achievements in photography.

Ms. Davidson has been in partnership with Mr. Lopez for three years now. “I provide him with the 14-15 best photographs taken by my students for his office in Richmond, and he then comes every year to award each of them with a certificate. We’ve been doing this for about three years now. Oh yeah, and it’s Wakefield exclusive” is how she puts it.

5 students were also awarded with letters from Senator Mark Warner. These students received medals in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition at the National Level.



Here is what the winners had to say:

Senior Amelia Wilt: “It was a nice surprise. I remember submitting my photo back in the fall, but I didn’t think I would get an award for it. Its nice to get recognized for my art.”

Senior Shyelle Harber: “I’d definitely say we owe Ms.Davidson, she taught us the basics but has helped us evolve so much as photographers throughout the past few years and has been very supportive. She’s all about the time and quality…she will not let you slack off. She really wants to see her students succeed and win contests and continue with their work after high school. “

Senior Lydia Dunbar: “It was cool for me as well; it was nice for senator Mark Warner to tell us that people would stop by his office and stare at our work because we take a lot of time and effort in our pictures and its nice for people to acknowledge that. Governor Alfonso H. Lopez has our artwork hanging outside of his office. He told us that our art would stop the rush of daily life as people walked by his office. Just to get that recognition was nice.”

Junior Karolina Lajch said, “it felt really nice to have something out of school to get rewarded for, beyond teachers and peers. It was super cool! It was one of the most accomplished things I’ve done this year.”