Movie Review: X-men Apocalypse

Briana Osorio '16, Graphics Editor

Love, Love, Love this movie!

Disclaimer: I was never really into super hero type of movies, but this one has changed my mind.

Starting off…I was blown away!  I have always put these types of movies on the back burner, but this time was different. I  found myself enchanted by the story; all the fighting and drama had me in suspense.

This was my first X-men movie, so my view on this modern take on it may be different from those critics who have thoroughly watched all of the movies. I loved how even though I had not seen the previous one (X-Men: Days of Future Past), I was still able to follow the plot.

The relationship between human and mutant can be seen in many ways and compared to real life situations. I loved how in a very unrealistic movie there was still a sense of it being realistic. There were many messages in this movie: we should be united instead of marginalizing each other, be there for one another, do not let pain and anger get the best of you, and lastly move forward with life when things get tough.

I recommend this movie to all you Super Hero fans or those just wanting to simply watch a  good movie.