The Battle of the Best: NBA Playoffs #4of7

Jaime Segui '17 and David Baron '18, Staff Writers

A King, 4-time MVP, leading his city to clash against the up and coming Dynasty of the West led by a back 2 back MVP and shooting master.

This was the final battle of the NBA Playoffs, and determined the champion of the whole association. Last year we had the first glimpse of a final match up that still has the potential to repeat itself a few times in the next 3 years. Stephen Curry and Lebron James are arguably the two best players in the game right now, and there is no bigger stage to feature these two superstars.

Stephen Curry, at 28 years old, is an underdog, especially next to King James. Who at age 28, had almost double the career points Curry has, 6 more all star appearances and 57 more playoff victories on his resume. Curry though is on verge on becoming the greatest 3-point shooter of all time. He made 286 3 pointers in 2014-15, but made 402 this year!

We were witness to a great battle, but it is not the end of this war. King James, a future Hall of Famer and arguably a Top-5 player of all time, is facing what looks like another future Hall of Famer and the greatest 3 point shooter of all time.

The Cavs haven’t won a playoff since the 1960’s. Many were talking about that…but EVERYONE was talking about James’ Chasedown. He left everything on the court. That is why the drought is over. That is why The Cavs won. Steph is great, but he isn’t the greatest.