Final #SofM for 2015-2016: These Stars Aligned

Final #SofM for 2015-2016: These Stars Aligned

The final Student of the Month picture and celebration was on Wednesday, June 15th in Town Hall. Students were selected for all sorts of reasons; good grades, good attitude, calmness under pressure, most improved, charm, class, the list is endless.

Here are a few words from four of our #SotM who have worked so hard; they kept going until the final moments of the school year.

“Hard work pays off.” – Sophomore Eric Isler

“Hard work leads to success. So do your best, no matter what.”-Sophomore Nahom Tecle

“I studied for countless hours, put in the work, and I was always on the grind for my grades. All in or nothing.”- Junior Jason Romero

“Work hard, study hard and you will accomplish your goal.” – Junior Elmer Navalret