Student Spotlight: Marin Peña Slices through a Male Dominated Sport

Jaime Segui '17, Sports Editor

Marin Peña is the only female on Wakefield’s Golf Team and she is dominating in this male dominated sport. “I take pride on the fact that I’m the only girl on the team, it also makes me happy that I’m playing my favorite sport while representing my school.”

Junior Marin Peña has been playing Golf since she was 7 years old. Even though Marin has been playing since a very young age, she says that she learns every day. “Our coaches are amazing, they teach us so much every day and also they are funny, they’re just great people to be around of.” The coaches are Mr. Chauvenet and Coach Greenfield.

The most important thing for a golfer, besides their posture, has to be their swing. And it’s such a rare talent to have the perfect swing, that’s why is such a hard sport. But Peña says she is part of a small fortunate group of people. “My swing comes natural, not just the swing, but the ability to succeed in this tough sport. I’m very lucky to have that.”

Marin also commented with a big smile, that being the only girl on the team is “funny because I get to be the boss of them sometimes. If they don’t listen I’ll yell at them.” Marin added that the most important thing for her is team chemistry. “It’s important that we all love and help each other. I love my team and they love me, and that’s the most important thing in my opinion.”

The Warriors finished the season in second place with 160 points at the County Match, beating W-L for the first time in ten years! The team got to win 4 in row this year and had the lowest score in Wakefield History. The Warriors are in uncharted territory for success going into the Conference Tournament starting today September 19th and continuing tomorrow the 20th at Pohick Bay.

The team keeps marking Wakefield history stroke after stroke!

UPDATE 9/20:

They are Conference 13 runners up. As Coach Greenfield said after their 2nd place victory, “on to regionals!” Marin might just be the good luck charm, #warriornation!