T-Shirt Design Will Pay You Just in Time for Homecoming


Kali Burroughs '18, Staff Writer

Calling all of our creative Wakefield students, show off your artistic talents! You could win CASH for your ART! The Wakefield Boosters are sponsoring a contest for new t-shirts. Hurry! The designs are due to Ms. Deskins by THURSDAY, 9/22! The new t-shirts will be revealed at the Homecoming Game.

Booster Club President, Ms. DuBois said, “We know that Wakefield is full of talented artist – and Boosters thought it would be great to have shirts intended for students to be designed by the students.”

There are ONLY TWO rules: 

  1. Designs must be on white paper with clear back lines – no shading, wispy lines, or color is allowed
  2. Designs must include “Wakefield”  “WHS” or “WARRIORS” and (of course!) should be free of any objectionable content.

All proceeds will benefit the class of the winning designer. #classwars The lucky winner will also receive cash and merchandise!

Can’t draw but want some say in what design wins? Be a student judge! Speak to Ms. Deskins (The office across from the big gym and trophy cases on the first floor…) for details.