Gun Control, Keep it in Control or We’ll Keep Reading the Headlines

The Orlando shooting was one of the largest mass shootings in U.S. history with 49 killed and 53 wounded. This shooting happened only 4 months ago, and people have already forgotten. Forty-Nine people were killed; they are gone. The chances of this unfortunate event happening again if we had more gun control would be very slim.

Gun violence is a topic that needs to be discussed more. Every day there is a new headline saying things like “5 killed 3 injured.” We have become immune to it. Death isn’t something anyone should be used to.

Stores do check ID’s, and most of the time do background checks, but they need to be more enforced and thorough. People should have to have a gun license, proper ID, and a full on background check to purchase a gun.

The headlines trend for about an hour, then people say things like “it’s the people that kill not the guns.” While this is technically true, if guns weren’t as easy to access in the first place, maybe gun violence wouldn’t be so prominent that we are numb to it.

Whenever I hear this topic being talked about, people always say that there isn’t anything we can do. Personally, I would feel safer if laws were to change. There are shootings almost everyday in the US. Something needs to change.

People need to start realizing that being numb to reports of daily death tolls isn’t okay, and we should never have to be used to it.

Laws need to be made, and people need to speak up.