Music: Does It Help Us Work?

Hunter Zlotnick '18, Staff Writer

Listening to music can make us happy, angry, amused, or even sad. But does it affect how well we do our work? For years students from elementary school to college have listened to their favorite songs to make it through doing homework, studying for a test, or even working on a project the night before it’s due. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all felt the same stress and pressure when finishing a deadline, or cramming the last bit of information in your brain for that Physics test on Monday.

Does that music help us, or distract us from our work?

Doing school work isn’t everyone’s strong point, but instead of giving up, we find ways of making these school tasks more palatable. For some people, studying with a group helps, for others its finding just the right place to concentrate; but for many, music is the key. Music has a big impact on how we focus and feel, and it can put us in a motivated mood to get through any obstacle big or small.

Different music can affect you and the way you work. So, the next time you sit down to study, to work on a project, or even to practice your dribbling skills for your next basketball game; plug in your mp3 player, phone, or computer, and put on a song. Because you might be surprised, music might just help.

According to, “what matters is not choosing the best music in the world but that your study is productive.” Here are 10 tips for picking the perfect music for you.