2 Degrees Celsius: The Most Important Number You Have Never Heard Of

Global Warming is a very important topic that we don’t talk enough about. Some people don’t even think it is a real thing; well it is real, very real. Two degrees Celsius is probably the most important number you will need to know.

This number is the end of the line for climate change. If the earth reaches two degrees celsius or higher we will experience mass extinction, rise in sea level, and super droughts. Every time we burn gas in our cars or power plants, we are adding carbon to the atmosphere and warming the planet.

According to CNN the Earth right now is 0.85 degrees celsius since 1880 the industrial revolution. Even thought that could seem very far from two degrees celsius this increase in temperature could happen in just a matter of decades!

If we want to slow down climate change, we have to cut down on our use of our power plants and polluting the atmosphere, and we need to do it fast! According to CNN, we can stay far from two degrees Celsius, but it will take a global effort.

Some ways you can help are commuting with your friends and if possible walking to school. (Walk and Bike to School Day is Wednesday, October 5th!) You can also try to recycle if you don’t already. Even better, share this shocking number with your friends and family.

If we care about our planet we should all come together to help. Even the small effort you make can mean much more than you think.