CoverGirl to CoverBoy: Changing the Rules of the Beauty World

James Charles is a normal 17 year old boy who posts videos of himself doing makeup online. In the past year he as acquired over 600k followers! He is a name everyone will soon know, James Charles is the new face of CoverGirl.

He is the first ever male CoverGirl. In a recent interview he did with the Washington Post, he was asked, “What can you bring to CoverGirl as a boy?” He responded, “The fact that I am the first boy is so cool. It shows that this industry is actually becoming genderless, and we’re really making the push toward equal opportunities for everybody, regardless of race, sexuality, gender.” He can truly make a huge difference in the beauty world. He’s showing people that there are no gender roles and people should feel free to be who they are.

Charles does all different kinds of makeup looks– special effects makeup, tutorials, makeup challenges, etc. He has over 100k subscribers on Youtube; people love to see his amazing talent.

Being the first male face of CoverGirl is huge; he’s not a celebrity like Katy Perry or Zendaya. He is completely changing the game. This issue of CoverGirl will show people that it is okay to be yourself.

Charles is paving the way for how we think about makeup, and what are traditionally male and female roles in makeup or beauty. While it is a surprise for some who have not been clued into the idea that make up is genderless; Charles is going to be a role model for many people for years to come.