Samsung Phones are EXPLODING!

Qiao Huei, Liu '19, Staff Writer

Every night, we charge our phones and fall asleep to wake up to a fully charged phone. Owners of the Galaxy Note 7 are waking up to something very different. All around the world, people reported that their phone has exploded or caught on fire. Allegedly, a man left his Note 7 in the car, it turned out the Jeep caught on fire overnight.

Believe it or not, Samsung is a popular brand in making Android smartphones. Many Samsung phones have been catching-on-fire recently around the globe.  What happened to the phone shocked everyone, no one had ever thought the phones we use every day would explode or catch on fire. This isn’t only a waste of money but also puts our lives in risks. On Oct. 13, the company stopped producing this phone and recalled all they had sold.

Why did the phones explode? The phones use lithium ion battery packs for their power, and the liquid inside is flammable. When the battery short circuits, it heats up the flammable liquid and the battery explodes.

Additionally, it has been reported that Samsung intends to replace the battery to resolve this issue. However, explosions still happened on the replaced phones. Therefore, Samsung had decided to stop producing the Samsung Note 7 for good. It is estimated that Samsung will lose $3 billion in order to solve this explosion issue.