80 Years Later He is Finally Laid to Rest


Kimberly Rendon '20, Staff Writer

At this time of year, people think of ghost stories and unmarked graves. This is the story of a child finally being laid to rest. This story has taken 80 years to tell.

Richard Streicher Jr. died in 1935 when he was just 7 years old. He was brutally killed in Ypsilanti, Michigan. His killer was never found. During these eight decades he’s been buried in an unmarked grave. On the weekend of October 15-16, he was finally given a gravestone.

According to The Washington Post John Sisk started a fundraiser online for donations for the headstone. Sisk said, “I’m so grateful for the people…taking their time and donating their money to help reach this goal, hopefully wherever Richard is he’s smiling.”

Richard was last seen March 7, 1935 he was out sledding with his friend; he told his parents he would be back, but never arrived. His body was found frozen to the ground by 13 year old Buck Holt. Holt and his brother were looking for him while walking home when they saw track marks in the snow.

According to James Mann of the Ypsilanti Historical Society, the police theory was: “The killer originally carried him down to the river, changed his mind for whatever reason, then carried him back up — the body was soaking wet — and placed it underneath the pedestrian bridge where it was frozen to the ground.”

Those who were at the dedication of the headstone were happy that even after all this time, Richard was never forgotten and now he never will be.