Teacher Feature: Ms. Banks


Ms. Banks is in C-225.

Angelika Goodman '18, Staff Writer

Every year, Wakefield welcomes new students and staff; meet one of our newest members, Ms. Banks. She teaches American Sign Language (ASL) and  has over 25 years of teaching experience. Ms. Banks has educated students in many popular places across the country including California, New York, and D.C.

Throughout her life, she dreamed of becoming an actress or a teacher, and pursued a teaching career because she was very inspired by her own teachers. Even though she didn’t pursue an acting career, teaching is similar to acting. Both jobs require performing, coming up with creative ideas, and capturing the audience’s attention. She describes herself as a “very fun, kinesthetic, and visual teacher.”

Ms. Banks is an inspiration. She challenged herself, taking a big risk by going to a “hearing college” even though she had always attended schools for the deaf. It was tough at first, but she overcame the hardships, and succeeded by getting her degree.

One important lesson she has taken from life so far is “you should have patience with others and yourself.” This is wise advice considering that patience is a great quality in a teacher—especially a high school teacher!

If you want to learn more about the benefits of learning ASL and challenging yourself to try new things, then stop by and meet Ms. Banks!