#RIPVine: Was It Dead Already?


It has recently been announced on twitter, that they will be shutting down the video-sharing app Vine “in the coming months.” In 2016, there have been 39 million 6 second long videos on Vine. About 100 million people watch these loop videos every single month, and the loops are played daily about 1 billion times!

Sadly, since Instagram made an update that allowed uploading 15-second videos back in 2013, Vine lost it’s popularity from being on #25 of the top 100 most downloaded apps; they plummeted to #284  this year. According to NPR Vine is being shut down, “as part of financial restructuring.”

Shortly after being bought by Twitter, Vine became one of the most used apps. It motivated people to be creative and show off their spunky talents in just six seconds. Regular people became famous all thanks to vine.

Some of these “vine stars” feel like now that Vine is gone, they will need to move to another platform to keep uploading their creative content. Although, this doesn’t mean that they will have to bury their old content. The company has said that for the next few months people will still be available to see and download these loops. The Vine And Twitter team (in a post on Medium) said, “we value you, your Vines, and are going to do this the right way.”

We are still not sure when Vine is shutting down, or what will happen afterwards, all we can say is that Vine will always be in our hearts.

Want to go down memory lane? Search #RIPvine to see some of the best videos Vine had to offer.