Thanksgiving Break: Make the Most Out of This Holiday


Photo By Diana Alejandra Rivas Arenas '18

Shenandoah National Park at it’s finest.

It’s November! The most exciting thing about this month is Thanksgiving. We can take a break and get together with our family. Most families will have a Thanksgiving meal or watch football in the living room. Although it’s a five day long holiday, what can we do to get through it?

Thanksgiving is the best holiday to hang out with your family; you can do things during the day because you are not in school. For example, you can go to Chinatown. You might get a discount on the some cool gear since everything is really cheap at this time of year, or Old town Alexandria is another great option to spend time; you are able to eat there and taste other culture’s cuisine, also it’s a great place to go thrift shopping. National Harbor is a great place to go shopping and get fresh food.

Reconnecting with your family is an important thing to do during Thanksgiving. You can use this time to hang out and reconnect. You might find that your grandparents are getting older every time you see them. Also, you can watch a movie! Disney’s newest movie Moana is coming out this Thanksgiving. You should totally go check that out!

This is also a great opportunity for you to grasp the final moments of fresh air before winter snows us in! You can go out and take pictures of autumn and go hiking in the woods before it gets too cold to walk outside. You can go to Shenandoah National Park; it’s a great place for camping, hiking and of course to have a picnic with that leftover turkey from the day before. Best of all, it’s free on the holidays.

Last but not least, you can also use this time to take a nap! Get more sleep! Go out and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, #warriornation!