Natural Hair: For the Empowered Black Woman

Courtney, Maya , and Kirsten are fabulous and rocking their natural hair.

Sharneika Jones '15

Courtney, Maya , and Kirsten are fabulous and rocking their natural hair.

What does natural hair mean?

Natural Hair is hair that has not been permanently altered; this means it contains no chemicals or relaxer products. Being natural does not require putting organic nuts or berries in your hair, nor does it mean using Shea Butter conditioners for the rest of your life. Attaining natural hair is a long journey because it will take a couple of years for your hair to be free of harsh products such as relaxers.

Here are some pointers: Going natural is a process, a transition. This is a time when most of your hair is relaxed but the roots now have your natural hair texture. There are two ways in which you can transition your hair, you can do the big chop by cutting off all your hair until new growth occurs, or you can trim the relaxed hair as the roots continue to grow in. Either way, relaxed hair needs to go.

The transition stage may be quite difficult because it takes time for the natural hair roots to grow in. If you have decided to cut your hair shorter, conservative looks are flattering. Other options such as inserting a weave, or getting your hair braided and pinned up in classy styles, makes this new hair easy and simple to deal with. Bantu knots are a style where you twist the hair, ravel it, and tie it together. You also can do a wash and go look.

Some think it is expensive to go natural, but it does not have to be. You can go to any beauty supply store or local pharmacy and buy some of these products to keep up with your hair: Ego Styler Gel, Shea Butter, and My Curly Curl Pudding works well. Finding the right product depend on your type of hair and unique texture.

You have to be strong mentally to see this journey through. You have to wear your hair with confidence. The more you embrace it, the more you will like it. You will have those days where it may seem easier to put chemicals in your hair. Don’t fall for it; it is simply a bad hair day. Natural hair is a sign that you don’t worry about society and how everyone else looks. You are strong and you need to realize it.