The Gilmore Girls Meet Again!


Photo by: jeffmason

Elena Arrowsmith '19, Arts and Entertainment Editor

It has been almost nine long years since the last episode of Gilmore Girls aired. On November 25th, 2016 Gilmore Girls will reunite! There will be four episodes, and they are guaranteed to be worth the watch.

Here is some insight on what the episodes will be like:

Each of the four episodes will each be named after a different season (spring, summer, fall and winter). Even though there are only four episodes, each episode will be 90 minutes long! That’s a whopping 360 minutes in total.

Here is a trailer for the next four episodes.

Almost the whole cast will be back in Stars Hollow: Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, Melissa McCarthy, Scott Paterson and many more will all be there.

This is the perfect show to binge out on after Thanksgiving Day! Grab some left overs from Thanksgiving dinner, and have at it.

Be sure to tune in on November 25th 12:01am on Netflix for an unforgettable reunion!