#noDAPL: We Are in for a Long, Cold Winter

The Standing Rock Sioux reservation is in for a long and cold winter with the fight against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline will transport crude oil from the Three Fourths group in Canada and the US to a terminus in Illinois. The pipeline will travel through four states in The US, including North Dakota, and is said to spark an economic boom along with decreasing the United States’ dependence on foreign oil.

Two of the biggest issues with the Dakota Access Pipeline are:

  1. It could end up destroying sacred burial grounds and long standing prayer sites.
  2. It could potentially disrupt the Standing Rock water supply


The protesters of the pipeline have set up tipis and tents around the Oceti Sakowin Camp, which is surrounded by various other camps. They are fully prepared to be there all winter.  You can read more here

When all hope was dissipating towards the end of October, it seemed Mother Nature was sending a message. 1000s of Wild Buffalo showed up on the hills overlooking the Standing Rock Sioux protest camp. Things were looking up, until election night.


One of the biggest concerns facing the protesters now is what exactly a Trump presidency will mean for the construction of the pipeline. According to Time MagazinePresident elect Donald Trump has not released an official statement on his stance on the matter, but given the fact that he has stock in the company building the pipeline, Energy Transfer Partners (and another separate company that will have share in the pipeline after its completion), and received about a $100,000 presidential campaign contribution from the CEO of Energy Transfer partners, the protesters have reason to believe that construction will begin again soon.

TODAY is the #noDAPL day of action. Everyone deserves water, #warriornation. Read how to help here. #WaterisLife