New Lockers

Andrea MacGregor 15 is adjusting to the new lockers!

Ricky Astudillo '15

Andrea MacGregor ’15 is adjusting to the new lockers!

We all experience the bombardment of papers we are responsible for as students. We need a binder for each class, textbooks, class novels, art projects, and sometimes even sports equipment. Where are we supposed to put it all? We had a long wait for our lockers at the beginning of the year. When we finally did get access, most students didn’t seem too enthusiastic about the over sized locks for the half sized lockers. Our locks are just too big for the lockers. Students can sometimes be late to class because they have to exercise patience as their locker buddy (the person whose locker is above or beneath you) figures out what they need for their next class. There can only be one person at the pint sized lockers this year, and the bottom locker holders are doing the majority of the waiting. Most teachers have been generous to let students keep some of the bulkier things in their rooms. As the year progresses, we are becoming accustomed to the school. The lockers are an adjustment.