Being Student of the Month is Pretty Incredible


Sophie Hott '20, Staff Writer

Every single month, a member of the staff at Wakefield can choose a student they think is deserving of the title “Student of the Month.” These students can be chosen because of their extremely hard work in class, good deeds they do for others, or just being an all around stellar student. Being Student of the Month is a huge honor, but its not as easy as it seems.

When students were asked how they think they became students of the month, the replies were great. Nishita Barua said, “letting my passion for my favorite subjects show through, in and out of class.” Hazel Thurston said, “I work hard and make good comments in class.” People are realizing the good they do in their classes.

We also asked students what being Student of the Month meant to them. Shahad Almaharmeh stated “It means to me that I did a great job doing what I’m supposed to do.” Sydney Machion said that “Being Student of the Month means that I have achieved my goals of being the best student that I can be.” Lastly, Natasha Fillip said, “it means I have been recognized for my hard work.” Many students were very proud of themselves to find out they were students of the month, and it makes students want to be better.

The last thing we asked the students of the month was what they will do to continue being good students. Maria Dimalanta said “I will work hard and I will make my mom proud of me.” Bryan Lizama said, “I will help my classmates when they don’t understand something.” And lastly, Rado Angelov said “I will keep striving to be the best and do all of my work.”

Being SotM is pretty incredible; you don’t have to be a straight A student. You should just try your hardest on all of your work in class and try to be a kind and fun person towards everyone. If you didn’t get Student of the Month this month, don’t worry; there’s always next month.


The next Student of the Month Photo opportunity is Thursday, December 15th at the beginning of Warriors’ Period.