Derby Games, All Your Favorite Rivalries!

We are in the tunnel right before we are going to walk out. We all are nervous but confident. Coach is reviewing the tactics for the last time. ” All you have to do is stay calm and play good football.” The whole world is watching. We walk out with the mascots and the rest is history…It is time for a Derby Game! According to, a soccer game is called a “derby” when the two teams in the game are both from the same town, city or region. A derby is the soccer equivalent of the sort of game that is called a “crosstown rivalry” in North American sports. Let’s look at some of the closest matches between the closest teams.

Manchester United 1-1 Arsenal

These teams were evenly matched, and it showed especially in the first half. But the 2nd half was dramatic. First off, Juan Mata, who everybody thought was going to be sold is now arguably the best player at United. He has even bagged a goal here! But in the 89th minute Olivier Giroud does one of his signature late goal for Arsenal and salvages a point for the Gunners.

Internazionale MIlan 2-2 AC Milan

One of the best Milan Derbies in the past 5 years at least. Played of course at the San Siro ( Both teams are from the same city so they share the stadium) Inter drew first blood by a goal from Candreva but the Rossoneri score 2 both from Suso. The game was like that until the 92nd minute by a late goal from Ivan Perisic and the Nerazzurri go wild.

Tottenham Hotspur 3-2 West Ham United

This game disappoints me, I really wanted West ham to win, and they were! Until the 89th minute when Harry Kane decided to score a late dramatic brace to make the game 3-2. Great football especially for neutrals. But disappointing for the hammers.

Bayern Munich 0-1 Dortmund

One of the most anticipated games each year in the Bundesliga. Bayern had many chances and deserved to win, on chance including a beautiful longshot from Xabi Alonso that just hits the bar and a backheel from Ribery that was disallowed. Dortmund scored in the 10th minute with a goal from aubameyang. Bayern are now second in the league with Dortmund at 3rd.

Real Madrid 3-0 Atletico Madrid

The Madrid derby is also exciting each year. Real Madrid were the favorite for this game as they lead the league already. Ronaldo came up big in this game scoring 3 goals in the 23rd, 71st, and 76th minute. Griezmann and Co. couldn’t do anything to stop Ronaldo. Real Madrid still lead the league with 30 points.

Wolfsburg 0-1 Schalke

Another uneventful derby game happens as Schalke beat Wolfsburg by 1 in the 82nd minute. A nice cross to a shot and the Wolfsburg keeper has no chance. Besides some decent free kicks there were no other big events in this match.

Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid (EL CLÁSICO)

Possibly the most famous matchup in soccer of all time. The first half wasn’t as interesting as the second. Suarez draws first blood in the match with a goal and Ramos (in true Ramos fashion) scores his signature late header in the 89th minute. Real Madrid were missing Bale, one of the key players on the team. Would it have ended differently with him in the game.? We’ll never know!

Tune in to our next soccer articles covering the most important and anticipated matches of the year. #WARRIORNATION