Don’t Panic! Dr. Weirsma is Hosting a Book Club

Come join Reynaldo Carrillo 14 on December 16th in Ms. Weirsmas room, A-301.

Jesus Enriquez-Hernandez '14

Come join Reynaldo Carrillo ’14 on December 16th in Ms. Weirsma’s room, A-301.

Dr. Weirsma starts her chapter of Book Club on December 16th at 3:15pm in room A-301. Borrow a copy of the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams from the library and join her that Monday to watch the movie and talk about the book. She decided to share this book because, “its one of my favorite memories of being a high school student.” The idea started because “Wakefield teachers have been talking a lot about it, so I thought I wanted to share this book with Wakefield students.” Stop by and find out for yourself what this book is all about. Themed snacks and fun will be provided.