How to Make the Ultimate Gingerbread House: 4 Easy Steps

Now that the holiday season is finally here, you most likely will be doing some gingerbread house building! It’s the perfect activity to do over break. If you are looking to build an outstanding gingerbread house, here are some tips:

The four brands of gingerbread houses The Chieftain staff tested were only 9.99 at Target!

First Step: Assemble a team!

You cannot take on this journey alone! Grab some friends to help you build your house, the more the merrier. Assign each friend a role. The leader, the builder, and most importantly the decorator!

Seniors Destiny Heid, Kate Wright, Sarah Vest, Sophomores Elena Arrowsmith, Ian Moran and Ezra Assafe getting ready to embark on a gingerbread house adventure.


Juniors Kali Burroughs, Nick Cameron, James Clark and Sophomore Trevon Smith getting ready to build their house.


Senior Jaime Segui, Juniors Bingham Moloney, Colton Poythress, Hunter Zlotnick and Freshman Cason Poythress preparing for the preparation.


Freshmen Sophie Hott, Kimberley Rendon, Sophomore Selena Huei and Junior Diana Alejandra Rivas Arenas beginning to assemble their house.

Second Step: Begin the Outline!

Figure out how you want your house to look. Will it be a huge mansion? A small cottage? Once you have a basic idea, you can begin to build your house. Place the gingerbread cookies in the position you want them, and glue together with icing.

It takes a team to make the ultimate gingerbread house!


You have to make sure every layer of icing is thick enough to build the house.


Focus on perfecting your masterpiece.


Kali Burroughs starting step two, setting up the outline of her gingerbread house. Decorating is where you can let your inner interior designer come out!


Third Step: Decoration Nation!

Once the gingerbread cookie squares have been set up, and your house is standing, you can begin to decorate! There aren’t any rules to decoration, just use your imagination. And remember, there is no such thing as too much frosting.

This Gingerbread house is almost finished with all of the steps! Soon it will be ready to eat.


Colton Poythress is finishing up the last touches! Remember creativity is key, you don’t just have to use what the box provides!


Seniors Sarah Vest, Kate Wright and Destiny Heid struggle as their gingerbread house slowly collapses.

The first team finished! The finished product is gorgeous.

Juniors Bingham Moloney, Colton Poythress and Hunter Zlotnick and Senior and Jaime Segui admiring their finished product.


Juniors Nick Cameron, Kali Burroughs, Jami Tham and Sophomore Trevon Smith are all smiles about their finished product.

Fourth Step: Eat it!

Once everyone has admired it…EAT the house!

Once you’ve finished building your masterpiece, go ahead and eat it!


Juniors James Clark, Jami Tham and Kali Burroughs devouring their work. Completing the final step, of how to make the ultimate gingerbread house.

Happy Gingerbread House making!