Student Spotlight: Chris Cooper

Freshman Christopher Cooper, who scored 16 points in his last game,  has been playing basketball for as long as he can remember. Basketball has always been his way of “staying out of trouble” ever since he started playing in the second grade. He even says his “most favorite thing to do is play basketball.”

Cooper’s earliest memory of basketball is playing in AAU at the Rec Center when he was 5 years old. He scored “about one point per game.” According to Cooper, his most exciting basketball experience was when he “competed in nationals with teams from all over the country.”  There were “so many teams, and people….it was very intimidating” but in the end Cooper and his teammates banded together and won the National Championship.

For Chris being on a high school team is “very different, but in a good way.”  It gives him a chance to “form a stronger connection because they practice everyday together and [your teammates] become your brothers.”

Though the freshman boys season was off to a slow start, they’re finally getting into the swing of things. They currently have a four game winning streak which makes the boys “feel confident and drives [them] to work harder and focus” said Cooper. Cooper added that “this…confidence could be dangerous if they don’t prove themselves on the court.”

Cooper attributes this winning streak to the fact that, “losing the first two games made [them] realize that they need to work harder, and focus more in practice.”  Cooper wants to “finish the season with their winning streak strong.”

One thing Chris wanted to say to his team, and #warriornation, was that “as long as we play hard and focus, I know we can do well.”

Come out and support the Freshman Boys Basketball Team @ 5:45pm at Edison High School TONIGHT.