Alfonso Cross '17, Poetry Club Writer

Don’t put me in a group

Because that’s another way to make me seem

as an object

Cause see I’m a human

(A young handsome black man may I add)

But still a human being

That will show love

And most important…

Respect to any other race that there is

And no this isn’t a Black Lives Matter

Or a All Lives Matter approach

That way you won’t call me color blind

Or a terrorist because I show care for my own people

Because they matter


But do you see how putting yourself in a group

Don’t you see how that is reverse segregation

Not Jim Crow

But segregation

Separating yourself and judging those who are the same as you

And yes I know this system is as crooked as my 2 front teeth

But ask yourself

How do you want change in this world

When you don’t even wanna change with the world?


Because if humanity can come together

What can the system do for us that we can’t do for ourselves?

It’s time to start being humans again

Instead of Skittles separated by color

Because remember this

Right and wrong is more important than black and white

Because if we want equality

We have to be equal with each other first

That’s something our government doesn’t teach us

And I’m sure that’s what we want the younger kids to realize

You can take it or leave it

Just know there’s always time to get back to being human