Three Out of Five

The finalists for the Arlington Decal Contest were announced this week. Wakefield holds three of the five finalists’ slots.

The finalists are: Isabel George ’14 Her photo, entitled Arlington’s Namesake, is of Arlington house. She chose this subject to show “ the abundance of history that Arlington County has.” Mobin Fateh ’14 His photo, entitled Crystal Fountain, is of the fountains in Crystal City. The colors are what made him choose this as the subject of his photo. They “represent the diversity in Arlington.” Lena Mobin ‘14 Her photo, entitled Arlington Landmark, is of the sign at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse. The light that the sign gives off at night is what caught her eye, it “symbolizes Arlington’s dreams and opportunities.”

When you see these potential award winners in the hallway, congratulate them! They received $1000 for making it this far. Their photo may be on the over 185,000 vehicles that are registered in Arlington. Arlington residents have until January 19th to vote for a winner. The winner receives $2000!

To see their photos as well as the other two finalists, go to Arlnow: