5 Things You Can Do NOW (after Inauguration Weekend)

Half a million women came to DC last weekend to march for women’s rights. Or, at least that was the original intention. It turned into a “who can make the better Trump bashing sign” contest with a middle of the street trash can fire or two the night before for added flare. People’s voices were heard. The world paid attention, even if they didn’t want to notice. If that is the only time you march, or let your voice be heard, then Saturday, January 21st was a waste of everyone’s time.

Here are some ways you, yes YOU…#warriornation, can make your voice heard AND COUNT!

There are things you can do, like volunteer and attend school board meetings. These are important and do make impactful changes. But, it is what you do every day that counts the most. The little things add up to big changes.

1) Be kind: Be conscience of the words you use every day. Do you use terms that are sexist or racist? They aren’t a joke and they make people feel unwelcome.

2) Be aware: Stay informed. (Their POWER is in YOUR ignorance of what is going on. Don’t give them that POWER.) READ the NEWS from a CREDIBLE news source.

3) Be brave: Be an UPSTANDER, not a BYSTANDER. If you see something horrible happening (bullying, harassment, etc.) SPEAK UP! Don’t talk to the person doing the harassing. (They don’t deserve your attention…) Talk to the person being harassed. Just start an everyday conversation like the harassment isn’t happening. It throws off the bully and makes the person being picked on feel less alone.

4) Be patient: According to Teen Vogue, “Talk to your family and friends about racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and more. These are hard discussions, but they’re more likely to listen if it’s someone they love and respect. The Southern Poverty Law Center has a great guide on responding to everyday bigotry.

5) Be heard: Call your elected officials. Let them know if you agree or don’t agree with their policies and actions. Elected officials are surrounded by people who always say “yes”. If you want them to hear a “no”, YOU have to contact them.

We have a lot of work to do, #warriornation. The best place to start is in the small acts you do every day. Be kind. Be aware. Be brave. Be patient.  Be heard.