Depression is Not a Bad Word

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High school is rough; everyone can agree on that. There is stress to be a straight A student, while being involved with a sport, and a club or two, and oh yeah, don’t forget to have a full social life on the weekends. Many become overwhelmed. This leads to stress that is more than stress; it leads to anxiety. It can become mentally and physically crippling. It can turn into a mental health disorder.

Mental health disorders are hardly spoken of because they can have a negative connotation and can be scary due to lack of education and awareness.

Why should YOU care?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 52.9% of high school students experience some form of depression. That’s over half of Wakefield! Similarly, 25% of high school students have some form of an anxiety disorder. That is one out of four of your Wakefield classmates.

Despite these large percentages, words like “depression” and “anxiety” are still seen as “bad words” that shouldn’t be mentioned in most social circles. This just further isolates people when they obviously aren’t alone in this. And we, who are known for being the all welcoming Wakefield, should not let them feel isolated.

Convinced yet? Here are 5 ways you can help:

  • Talk — Ask people how they’re doing…and mean it!
  • Share — If you’ve ever experienced depression or anxiety, share your story for inspiration!
  • Filter — Try to tell those around you to not use words and phrases that are insensitive.
  • Educate — Learn the signs of mental health disorders, coping strategies, then educate others!
  • Support — Be supportive and normalize talking about mental health…by talking about it!

If you want to educate yourself and others, the National Institution of Mental Health has some great resources.