What? Even More Fantastic Students of the Month?


Sophie Hott '20, Staff Writer

It may be February, but the students that were chosen in January were just given their awards for their amazing academic acts. (The whole month of January ends, then students are chosen.) Students of the Month are chosen based on who the staff thinks is an honorable student at Wakefield.

Here are some words of wisdom from our January Students of the Month.

How did they get the award?

Junior Alistair Watson said, “because I was attentive during class and participated”

Junior Christopher Ansah said he thinks he became SotM by “studying hard and doing my best”

Freshman London Lordos said, “I showed responsibility in the class and I tried my best to follow the rules and excel.”

What does being SotM mean to you?

Freshman Bryan Lizama said, “being SotM means being responsible…always doing your homework on time and helping those that need help understanding.”

Freshman Hugo Sandoval said, “Bbeing [SotM] means I have proven to my teachers that I am truly determined to succeed.”

Freshman Emiliano Reyes said, “being SotM means doing your best in class and being a great person in class.”

Lastly, we have sophomore Alexandra Rosenberg who said that “it means that I have worked hard and improved myself.”

What advice would you give to other students trying to become SotM?

Sophomore Kevin Lizama said, “behave in class, and do all the work.”

Freshman Xavi Molina said, “being [SotM] should not be your goal, your goal should be to improve, to excel and to shine in your own light, academically, socially, and otherwise.”

Hope some of these words from our Students of the Month have inspired you to start working harder in your classes and achieve your goals. Congratulations to our January students, #WarriorNation!