Downward Discovery: Into the Wakefield Basement

Walk down to the new wing of Wakefield High School.

Kathy Melendez '14

Walk down to the new wing of Wakefield High School.

The Voice '15, News Co-Editor

As students stroll down the hall from the library to the athletic wing, something seems to be missing. It appears the temporary boards of blue drywall have been taken down and revealed an open abyss; a chasm that leads straight into the basement, complete with a new flight of stairs.

This isn’t the only new stairwell; near the main office, another stairwell appears open for use. Even though it has been a long wait, the patience has paid off. Danny Gaven ‘15 noted the visual change that the stairwell emits, “it gives someone the illusion that the school is larger.” This revealing of the stairs to Wakefield’s basement places another piece in the puzzle that is the completion of the new Wakefield. Sure, it might seem for a time that some huge surprise was hidden down there, “it was delayed for a while. Maybe they were hiding some monster” said Alfonso Mariño ‘15. No, there was no monster (unless you and Eminem know something we don’t know). Not only does the new staircase expand the school in a downward direction; it also offers new resources for athletes that have been pending since the old Wakefield’s doors closed last year.

If you venture down the new stairs, you are met with two hallways; each heads in a different direction. New rooms will soon be available to athletes; the weight room is a much anticipated opening by all of #warriornation. Mohammed Awad ’15 gave input on the state-of-the-art training area, “it will really help that we have a new weight room and sports lockers. It’s nice that the school has basically a whole wing dedicated to the athletic division.” Other amenities include offices for sports directors, storage facilities, and even a dance studio.

This newly opened area is ready to hold the hard work of athletes, the scribbling of coaches’ pens and the bouts between the Warriors and their rivals today, tomorrow, and into the future. Let the games begin!