Super Fan Spotlight

Elaine is surrounded by Super Fans at the Varsity Boys Basketball game.

Elaine is surrounded by Super Fans at the Varsity Boys’ Basketball game.

Kyle Davis '14, Staff Writer

Basketball season at Wakefield is always an exciting time. I got the chance to meet up with one of the superfans, Elaine Bayne ’14, to talk with her about the season. Elaine told me she enjoyed every bit of the Varsity Boys’ Basketball team’s journey to the state tournament last year. Elaine swims, so she had to manage doing that and still making it to every game possible. Not only did Elaine attend the boys’ games, but she also went to the girls’ games. Her sister is the star guard on the Girls’ team, Olivia Ceccatto’16, and she is there to root for her family. Elaine is ready for this season. She expects big things from this team. With the new players, new gym, and steadfast super fan base, she hopes to take the trip back down to Richmond along with the rest of the #whs super fans.