We Need Bees, Now Bees Need Us

Recently in Canada the Cheerios boxes are missing something. Its Buzz the Bee! He’s missing to raise awareness. The bee population is decreasing rapidly, although this may seem as if it will not impact us, we are dependent on the bees. Their honey is a big part of our food supply.

Marla Spivak, a Bee Scholar, went on Ted Talk¬†about how important it is that we care because this has a big impact on our world. She said something that really stood out: “Bees are the most important pollinators of our fruits and vegetables and flowers. More than one third of the world’s crop production is dependent on the bee population.”

General Mills is helping solve the problem. They’re making sure we are helping too. They have started a Bring Back the Bees¬†campaign trying to persuade people to plant wildflower seeds. According to Teen Vogue, General Mills is giving seeds to people who order them at no cost to reach the goal of planting 100 million seeds.

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