Hashi Sushi: A Georgetown Gem

This Sushi restaurant may be overlooked because of its unassuming outside store front.

Roxy Kasgarli '14 and Luiza Sevele '15

In a quaint white brick building located along Wisconsin Ave NW, a Japanese sushi restaurant named “Hashi Sushi” is much overlooked as tourists make their way to Georgetown Waterfront Park. It is definelty worth the stop. Hashi Sushi has two specialized menus, one for Sushi and the other with formal customized Japanese cuisine. The prices are moderately inexpensive, however the bigger platters such as “Sushi Moriawase” can cost up to $21.90. The cuisine ranges from various types of Sushi (tuna, salmon, white tuna, yellowtail, flounder, ikura), Cold appetizers (Tofu, Oshinko Mariawase, Japanese pickles, Kimchi), Salads (with variations of seafood incorporated), Soups, Hot appetizers (Garlic Edamame, Beef Gyoza, Fried dumplings, Wasabi Shumai, Vegetable Spring Roll, Rock Shrimp Tempura), and Kitchen entrees (Chicken Teriyaki, Chickenkatsu, Tonkatsu), Udon/ Ramen, and Bento.

We ordered the most well-known sushi dish, the California Roll, as well as Miso Soup and a bowl of rice. The service was excellent and the wait for our dish was non-existent; everything was delivered in a timely and friendly fashion. The meal was prepared and served seemingly at the perfect time; we had just started to run out of things to say. Even the dishes themselves were beautiful; each platter had a neat arrangement of food on modern chic china. The food was absolutely delicious! The rice was warm, sticky, and delightful with a bowl of hot Miso Soup. The Sushi was tastefully prepared and was the perfect portion to share with a dinner companion. The ambiance of the restaurant was very special; it could serve the need for both a casual get together and a formal dinner. The second floor had windows, which overlooked the busy Georgetown streets. Waiters and Waitresses were quick to respond to any request, the friendly staff and customers made a lovely impression.

The reviews on the Internet from other customers had similar opinions. People were very satisfied with the food, atmosphere and staff response. This restaurant is highly recommended on yelp.com: 4.5 stars out of 5. This is great place to stop by for a quick lunch break or come in for a nice dinner date. Hashi Sushi Georgetown should become the prime location for Georgetown frequenters.

Location: 1073 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Washington D.C, 20007

Phone number: 202 338 5855

Website: www.hashisushidc.com