Asian Club Leads Food Drive, Learns What Really Drives Them


Photo found @wasamshsu

285lbs of canned food was donated by the Asian Club on April 6th to Rising Hope United Methodist Mission Church. This was such an impactful donation, and the Asian Club wants to give a big thanks to all of #warriornation that participated and helped.

Biology teacher, and Asian Club Co-Sponsor, Mr. Tran said of the Food Pantry program Asian Club donated to, “It offers extensive social services to those less fortunate than us—from food, clothing, and emotional support—to practically all walks of life. While we were able to contribute to their efforts, Asian Club officers gained much more, as the experience inspired our officers and club members to serve our community with more gratitude and passion.”

Mr. Tran said this of his experience when dropping off the large donation, “It was humbling to see the Wakefield community pull together to help those in need at Rising Hope.” This donation was so impactful, Melissa Lee the Food Pantry Coordinator wrote the Asian Club a letter herself thanking them for their help.

If you want to help Rising Hope United Methodist Church, click here to donate.