A Journey To 7-11

What was in that soda?

Sara Hagoss '16

What was in that soda?

William Ramirez '16, Staff Writer

As the Bell rings with a loud boom, joy struck me. Like an arrow from the gods, I pack all my things in my backpack and throw it on my back. Oh no, too late. I have to go down the stairs that are overflowing with students. As I finally reach the ground floor, I have a sudden thirst. The only place I know that will quench that thirst, for this mighty viking chief, is the 7-11.

I head out of the school, and the sun greets me with its presence and golden glow. Then, the cold hits my face with an immense freeze. As I head down the street, I see some friendly faces and wave. I walk behind the Wendy’s drive thru and finally reach my destination.

I step into the good old 7-11 and a burst of warmth greets me, as if I am home. I head towards the back of the store where all of the drinks are. I grab my most favorite drink of all and approach the counter. I take my wallet out so it is ready. The man at the counter asks for a dollar. I hand him a dollar, take my drink, and step outside. I look at my watch and it is 3:35.

I start to walk away from 7-11 and hear people talking in the background. Then, it just stops, the sounds of cars and birds…JUST STOPS! I slowly start to float up. Fear is unleashed in my body. As I start to move further up in the sky, there is a blinding light preventing me from seeing. I am practically drowning in my fear. I get higher up and can see Wakefield. My fear of heights kicks in. I black out.

As I wake up, I am on a cold metal type table. I am in a small room, kind of like a cell. I look around and see tools of some sort and many glowing lights. I realize my shoes are gone along with my socks. At least my clothes are still on. I slowly get up, trying not to make a sound. Before I can get all the way up off the table, my vision blurs. I still try to start heading for the door, and can’t find it. Metal shutters open above me on the wall, then a crowd of shadowy figures appear. All of a sudden, I hear the sound of metal on metal and have to lay down again. My head is throbbing. The wall starts to open up, mechanical arms come out. Before anything else can happen to me. I black out again.

Then, I wake up. I am standing up. I look around and realize I am in front of 7-11. I look at my watch and the time is 3:34! I look at the bottle of soda still in my hand, then throw it away. I mumble to myself, “I got to stop drinking that soda” and walk home.