Girls Soccer Always Has Each Others Backs

Ian Moran '19, Staff Writer

The girls locker room goes crazy after their win against Edison; what an atmosphere and what a performance by the team. With only a couple games left, the girls try to secure more wins. Co-captain and junior Taylor Memon said what a team needs to succeed is, “Heart, Confidence and Team Chemistry.”

The Wakefield Girls Varsity team are at the end of their season, with 14 games played and 3 remaining. They played against West Potomac on April 3rd and lost, but junior Taylor Memon, the captain of the Girls Varsity team said, “in our game against West Potomac we were playing really well…” and that was one of the best moment of the season because the team really worked well together on the field even though it didn’t equate in a win.

The goal for this season was to win a game, last season they didn’t even have one win. They have achieved their goal with a 1-0 win against Edison. The girls have gotten very close to securing more wins but just couldn’t achieve that final score. They had some close games.

Even though the year hasn’t gone as expected, they all still stick together as a team and motivate each other before practices and games. When I asked Memon how their season has gone, she said, “not the best but we continue to grow and we’ve improved alot since last year.” Claire Brophy, a freshman on the team said, “As our coach said in the beginning of the year, we need to throw out the I, me, my and start working as a team. If we lose a game it isn’t one person’s mistake that got us there, we lost together, same if we win.”

The girls have 3 games left this season. No matter what happens they will stick together and get through as a team. “I have been playing since I was 4 and couldn’t see myself not playing soccer.” said Memon. They recently lost to Falls Church 3-1 after being 1-0 up which sadly put them in last place on the conference table.

The whole team has a good outlook for next year as Claire says, “We need to start off with the right mentality and work together on and off of the soccer field.” We all hope the team does their best in the upcoming games!

Go see these warriors play TONIGHT! It is #seniornight (and their last game)! They take on Rock Ridge High School on the home field at 7:15pm. #WarriorNation