Everybody’s Body is Perfect Just The Way It Is


Body confidence is something we all struggle with, so we should help each other out instead of bringing each other down. Everyone comes in many different shapes and sizes. We need to be proud of who we are and how we look!

In today’s society everyone tries to live up to other’s expectations, but we shouldn’t. Women for decades have been given so much hate and judgement on what they wear. We either show too much, and eyebrows are raised, or show too little, and get laughed at. It’s hard to dress yourself in the morning when you feel like everyone is going to judge you all day.

We understand that there is a school dress code, and it’s there to keep us safe, but we are all built a different way. So if two girls are wearing the same outfit, and only one of them gets “dress coded” because it shows more skin, that isn’t fair.

Another thing is that everyone’s body is different, but according to magazines and social media we are suppose to achieve this perfect body . Not too big, not too skinny. But if your skinny, you are also seen as unhealthy and people will say rude comments. Same thing goes for if your bigger, and people say rude comments. Some without even realizing how insulting they are.

Especially with the summer heat, everyone should feel free to wear whatever they feel comfortable in, no matter what size. We all have the right to feel comfortable in what we wear.